Welcome to the website for the corporate performance review of Sugar Research Australia (SRA). The review is being undertaken entirely independently of SRA by Scott Williams Consulting (Scott Williams) in conjunction with Miracle Dog (Russell Pattinson) and Harrison and Associates Business Strategies (John Harrison).

SRA is an industry-owned company that was established in 2013 by Australia’s sugarcane growers and millers to deliver Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) activities and services that drive productivity, profitability and sustainability for the Australian sugarcane industry.

All industry-owned organisations like SRA are required, under their statutory funding agreements with the Commonwealth Government, to commission regular independent corporate performance reviews. In short, these reviews are required to examine how effectively and efficiently the organisation is fulfilling its obligations to levy payers and Government.

This is the first corporate performance review of SRA since its establishment. The review will be completed by September 2016.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the project are as follows.

The review will:

1. Assess performance from SRA’s unique position as both an investor in and provider of research, development and extension to the Australian sugar industry.

2. Assess how the transition from the previous governance arrangements of Sugar Research and Development Corporation and BSES Limited affected SRA’s performance.

3. Assess SRA’s performance against its Strategic and Operational Plans, taking into account:

    • performance of SRA in meeting its obligations under its Statutory Funding Agreement 2013-17 with the Commonwealth;
    • development, implementation and efficiency in delivery of its Strategic, Annual Operational, Risk Management, Fraud Control, Intellectual Property and Asset Management plans and the company’s effectiveness in meeting the priorities, targets and budgets as set out in these plans;
    • structure and operations of the company, to ensure good practice and systems of corporate governance;
    • the effectiveness of the arrangements for engagement, consultation, and communication with, and feedback to, stakeholders (including levy payers, members, delegates, industry representative bodies, State and Commonwealth Governments), including the opportunities for levy payers and other contributors to influence the investment of levies; and
    • SRA’s efforts in cross-RDC collaboration.

4. Assess the delivery of benefits to the Australian sugar industry and community in general, including value for money, return on investment and cost benefit analyses, where appropriate.

5. Identify recommendations for improvement to SRA’s performance in delivering its Strategic and Annual Operational Plans.


The project team invites any interested parties to make a submission to the review. Submissions should relate to the Terms of Reference.

In making your submission, please notify us of your role in the industry (e.g. grower, miller, research provider, consultant) to allow us to understand your perspective. Provide your name and contact details if you wish us to be able to follow up any aspects of your submission with you.

Submissions close on Friday 17 June 2016. Please email your submission or direct any queries to